mapping table 2.2

Dear all,
I have uploaded a new version of the mapping table as a reference for the F2F meeting.
In this version I have included updates and revisions for mpeg7, smtp, you tube, media rss, dig35, tva and CableLabs1.1 (which is more in use).

When revising CalbeLabs1.1 (with some help) I noticed that one XMP-reference attribute correspond to many attributes in CableLabs (sometimes 20). 
The situation is the same for others such as TVA, MPEG7, EXIF etc. I think it is important to keep this in mind when we draft the mechanism of the Ontology.
This issue is related to what Pierre-Antoine refers to "low-level" semantics: content of the return types vs. Syntax ( API return types, e.g. slash-separated string or structured sequence).
I hope that we can find a solution to this problem during those days. Please post your opinions preferable before tomorrow noon!

We have different types of mismatches; between the properties, data types and structure that can be solved by different parts of our standard.
We use the following terms to refer to them:

* High-level semantics 	= (ontology) Semantic links identified by the mapping table. 				  

* Low-level semantics	= (content of the return types) Structure, e.g. representing one or several creators. 

* Syntax 		= (API) return types, e.g. slash-separated string or structured sequence

Best regards

Joakim Söderberg, M.Sc, Ph.D Multimedia Indexing
Senior Research Engineer, Media Protocols and Applications
Ericsson Research, Multimedia Technologies

Received on Wednesday, 15 April 2009 18:12:10 UTC