[MAWG]TVA and MediaRSS reviews

Dear all,


Since I will not attend the F2F-meeting I have placed my reviews of the
TV-Anytime and MediaRSS mappings online at:



This file also contains an updated version of the DIG35 mapping in which the
review of Tobias was incorporated.


I came across some concerns though about the actual meaning of the property


For example in DIG35 it is possible to describe the software tools used to
create an image with the "Software Info" field. This property in DIG35
consists of structured metadata (subfields) describing the tool, version,
model, manufacturer and so on. These subfields for describing the tool are
also used in other contexts (e.g., to describe the camera). As such the
different subfields of the "Software Info" field are more general than the
xmp:CreatorTool, but when used within the "Software Info" field it allows
you to be more specific (by denoting versions).


So I chose the property "more specific" and regarded it as follows: if the
metadata is mapped from scheme A (DIG35) to B (XMP) and there is information
loss, the property should be denoted as "more specific". 


Note that this information loss might be dual:

1) mapping of xmp:creationDate to dc:date (which gives conceptual data loss)

2) mapping of structured (high-level) metadata (dig35:SoftwareInfo) to
"flat" metadata (xmp:CreatorTool) (which gives "real" data loss since some
subfields can not be mapped so the values of these subfields are lost).


Moreover, some properties can be semantically more general but more specific
in the way they return/store a value.


Maybe this is something to discuss in the F2F meeting. 

(Since I will be in the US next week I will probably follow the meeting
through IRC.) 


Kind regards and have a fun and productive meeting in Barcelona!


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