Re: Elaborating on the Video use case

Dear Joakim,

> Maybe I have missed something, but isn't Video one of the most important 
> use cases?

Video is clearly the primary focus of this WG. The goal is to provide a 
minimal ontology (a set of properties and concepts) for describing video 
content. But 'video' is a media ... not a use case ;-) So all the 
discussions we have in the use cases is why do you want to 
annotate/describe video? what should be the minimal set of properties 
for describing them? for doing what?

> - VOD services. For example CableLabs VOD Metadata Content, 
> this is primarily used by content providers (e.g. HBO, Discovery, 
> Showtime) to send metadata to network operators about content which will 
> available in the operatorís VOD system.

I did remember the talk from Jason Gaedtke (CableLabs) at the Video on 
the Web workshop [1]. Can we have access to the specification of the 
CableLabs VOD Metadata schema? Examples of such metadata?


> - Sharing Videos in a community. It could be sharing YouTube 
> clips among mobile phone users or TV-viewers who want to recommend a 
> program to a friend.  (It is actually supported so some extent in 
> TV-Anytime).

Yes, but again, what are the interesting properties that will accurately 
describe the content of these videos and enhance their sharing and reuse?

> -          EPGs (Electronic Program Guides) are supported by all of the 
> above plus OMA BCAST; could be worth harmonizing?

Do you refer to Is there some 
specification available? How is it related to TV Anytime?

> -          Video repository management. Asset management for personal 
> and professional video, like the Microsoft Interactive Media Manager, 
> which uses ontologies to store relationships between assets but also 
> attributes within those assets.

Can you provide more information on the Microsoft Interactive Media 
Manager, and particularly which schema/ontologies does it use?

> -          Semantic search and retrieval functions for Video (MPEG-7 and 
> MPEG-21).

I can see how MPEG-7 is in-scope. Which parts of MPEG-21 do you think 
are relevant? The rights language? As said in the telecon, I would 
rather recommend to put in the ontology a placeholder for linking to 
other initiatives, being Creative Commons, PLUS, MPEG-21, ODRL, etc.

> My point is that there are several standards involved in a Video user case.

Absolutely! And you mentioned just a subset. The goal of this WG is to 
clean up this jungle :-)


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