flat vs. structure, and embedding

Hi all,

the recent discussion about formats / structure made me think about

It seems to me that
- the arguments in favour of a structured model are semantics related
(mainly to satisfy more requirements)
- the arguments in favour of a flat model are syntax related (mainly to
allow embedding of metadata in media objects) or API related (ease of use).

So, wouldn't it keep the best of both worlds to provide:
- a structured conceptual model (e.g. an RDFS or OWL ontology)
- a simple (ideally flat) syntax that would allow to represent the most
common patterns of that conceptual model.

Normalized server-side metadata could use the richer language
internally, while embedded metadata would use the simple syntax --
possibly loosing some information, but beeing consistent with the
complete metadata.

I put some thoughts about the subject on the wiki.


What do you think?


Received on Friday, 21 November 2008 12:43:33 UTC