Re: Initial draft of Use Cases and Requirements for Media Ontology 1.0 a écrit :
> About re-organising the document:
> what would you all think about 
> - integrating the 3 dimensions (media, content, context) in the introduction, as 
> 3 ways of apprehending media documents (Frank and Werner, I would need your help 
> about this, if it is OK with you?), 
> - along with a list of tasks (here again, I realized that the notion of context 
> can be unclear when really writing the document: is the task the context, or the 
> fact that the annotations are performed for displaying on a mobile phone, 
> searching in large archives, integrating Internet information with IPTV?)
> - and organizing the use cases into the following subsections: 
> 	- "media related use cases" (video and audio use case), 
> 	- "task related use cases" (annotation use case, personalization use 
> case?)
> 	- "context related use case" (mobile use case, Cultural heritage use 
> case, IPTV? -I don't know whether it should fit here or as a personalization use 
> case-)

I think it is a good idea.


Received on Tuesday, 11 November 2008 22:12:10 UTC