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Updated MapML specification, especially examples

From: Rushforth, Peter (NRCan/RNCan) <peter.rushforth@canada.ca>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2018 20:04:41 +0000
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Hopefully this diagram will make explicit some of the CRS considerations that MapML is trying to address:


Sorry its not a responsive image!

There are other changes to the spec, certainly not all of which are implemented yet, but you should have a look and please let me know if you see errors or have comments.


Of particular note is that I think the input@type=xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax and projection are no longer needed, so I've marked them as deprecated.  The bounds related inputs can be
accomplished with input@type=location + related attribute values and input@type=projection can be accomplished with input@type=hidden.

Anyway there's lots worth discussion there.  Open an issue or discuss here.

Cheers, and thanks,

Peter Rushforth

Technology Advisor
Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation / Earth Sciences Sector
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Conseiller technique
Centre canadien de cartographie et d'observation de la Terre / Secteur des sciences de la Terre
Ressources naturelles Canada / Gouvernement du Canada
peter.rushforth@canada.ca<mailto:peter.rushforth@canada.ca> / TÚl: 613-759-7915
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