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Promotion slot in the Closing Plenary of the OGC Members' meeting

From: Gobe Hobona <ghobona@ogc.org>
Date: Thu, 14 May 2020 20:39:48 +0100
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To: "Rushforth, Peter (NRCan/RNCan)" <peter.rushforth@canada.ca>

Scott and I agreed that the Technical Committee (which includes all members, including the Strategic ones) would be the most appropriate forum to promote the Maps for the Web Workshop and opportunities for sponsorship.

The Technical Committee will meet as part of the OGC Members’ meeting in June.

I have confirmation that you will have 10 to 15 minutes to promote the Maps for the Web Workshop during the Closing Plenary of the virtual OGC Members' meeting on June 22nd, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM EDT.



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