Re: Proposed new distributed workshop schedule

Well, it took a bit longer than I'd anticipated, but I've pushed the
changes & updates to the website.

You can review on the live site ( or check the diffs in the
pull request:

While editing the text, I found some areas we hadn't really discussed, so
used my best judgement in adapting the material.

In particular, please review my description of the virtual hack sessions in
the CFP:

Also, Ted & Mike probably want to take a close look at the updated
sponsorship page:

Finally, a reminder that a few of you had promised to review options for
video conferencing and forum discussion tools in time for our next call.

Hope you are all staying safe & well. See you Thursday.

On Thu, 12 Mar 2020 at 12:22, Amelia Bellamy-Royds <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> This is my recap of the programming committee's discussion today, for what
> the workshop will look like now that we're not having an in-person event in
> Montreal.
> Please reply with comments or corrections in the next few days, so we can
> update the website on Monday. Once we're all agreed, please also reach out
> to all your contacts that you'd told about the workshop, to inform them of
> the updated plan.
> Our next programming committee call is April 2. By then, we want to have a
> clear idea of technical / logistical options for the distributed workshop
> (including any feedback from possible participants), so that we can
> finalize the call for participation.
> *Summary:*
> The W3C/OGC Workshop on Maps for the Web will go ahead in 2020 as an
> online, distributed discussion forum. Presentations, demos, and panel
> sessions will be conducted as video-conferences (or optionally pre-recorded
> video presentations) which will be posted online for asynchronous viewing.
> Discussion and questions will be via written forums over the course of a
> month. There will be discussions specifically around the presentations, as
> well as the possibility of participant-initiated discussion topics.
> We will still encourage presentations to be short, and there will still be
> the option to submit written position statements. Presentations will be
> grouped into themes, with one theme posted online per day.
> *Schedule:*
> Mid April: Call for Participation opens
> *(June 15−19: OGC Technical committee meetings)*
> June 30: Deadline for submissions for CFP
> August 1: Agenda/presenters list announced
> *(September 14−18: OGC Technical committee meetings)*
> September 21 − October 2: Panel presentations posted online, one theme per
> day (exact number of days TBD)
> September 14 − October 31: Online discussion forums open for comments and
> questions about the presentations, or as breakout discussions
> *(October 26−30: W3C TPAC meetings)*
> January (2021): Final report summarizing the workshop themes, concerns,
> and conclusions from the discussion.
> ~ABR

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