HTML4maps Workshop Program Committee

Ryan, Peter, Amelia, and Gobe (from OGC when I get your email address),

This list will be how we will coordinate for as a program committee for
HTML4maps Workshop potentially taking place in mid-June at OGC's event
in Montreal.

Please let me know of others you wish to add to this committee/list.

A few of us met today to go over various coordination efforts and
generally strategy. We will set a next meeting by using this list to
schedule it. In the meantime feel free to suggest on this list
(archived publicly) topics and potential candidates (individuals or
organizations) we would like to enlist presentations from for the

A github repository will be setup to start drafting workshop pages. We
will use Google docs for invitees so as to keep their names and email
addresses private.

Ted Guild <>
W3C Automotive Lead

Received on Wednesday, 8 January 2020 19:19:32 UTC