Re: Updated registration

Thanks for these updates, Ted.

I'd made some comments
on the original form which got lost in the shuffle of changing plans.
Copying over those that are still relevant:

   - The title we're using on the website is "W3C/OGC Joint Workshop on
   Maps for the Web", we should use the same wording here.

   - It currently says “Anybody with a W3C account can answer this form”.
   Is there a way to support answers without an account? If not, we should add
   info about account creation to the CFP.

   - For bio: if we're not going to have explicit fields for name &
   affiliation, there should be a statement that these will be taken from the
   W3C account (in case someone needs to update that info).

   - Might also want to add a checkbox for “Can we publish your name,
   affiliation, and bio on the workshop website?” (The CFP currently says that
   we may do this for people who submit a talk/session, but it helps to be

   - In addition to the free-form questions about goals of participation,
   it would be helpful to have a set of checkboxes for whether the registrant
   is planning to submit a talk proposal, hack or breakout session proposal,
   or written position statement. (That way, we know who to follow up with!)
   There could be a link back to the CFP web page for information about how to
   make those submissions.

It might also be helpful to ask about preferred times for live/synchronous
events, to get an idea of scheduling requirements.  But I'm not sure how
best to ask it — it's not enough to just ask time zones, some people prefer
later or earlier hours than others in the same zone!  WBS has a “select a
meeting time” question type, but it doesn't seem to have any smarts built
in for translating time zones.


On Thu, 2 Apr 2020 at 13:21, Ted Guild <> wrote:

> I updated the registration to clarify it is now an online workshop
> Not sure what a reasonable remote limitation is, figure 80 may be more
> manageable if we want to moderate and unmute people. It is somewhat an
> arbitrary number and what we had earlier for physical.
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> Ted Guild <>
> W3C Automotive Lead

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