LVTF Meeting Minutes - 5/25/17

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Low Vision Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
25 May 2017

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      steverep, allanj, JohnRochford, Laura, erich, glenda
      allanj, Laura, erich
            SC management (surveys, issue status)
            Resize Text.
      Summary of Action Items
      Summary of Resolutions

<JohnRochford> Jim, I don't hear you on the call, but I do hear an odd

<ScottM> I am not on the phone yet, have another call I am dealing with

<JohnRochford> I do not hear that odd noise now.

<allanj> scribe: allanj

<laura> Scribe: Laura

SC management (surveys, issue status)

<erich> Scribe: erich

Resize Text.


<laura> Alastair’s message:

JA: Alastair changed issue 77 Resize Content to Zoom Content, also changed
to AA among other changes

<allanj> The remaining issues I see are:

<allanj> - What if the text is already huge?

<ScottM> everything should scale

<allanj> erich: user should be able to scale as needed

JR: What about setting an absolute value, like 1.5"

JA: Eventually you get to a point where it becomes non-functional

LC: Inches would not be the measurement, it would be pixels

SM: we need to have the ability for fonts to scale up as much as someone
might need them to
... it's possible to reach a point where it may not fit on the screen, but
difficult to capture

JA: could this be a non-issue?

MR: you could consider a scaling issue a loss of functionality, so I do
feel like we are addressing the scaling issue in this SC
... regarding text that is already large, we really need to cover content
beyond just text that may need to be enlarged
... if I had an insight as to what are the failures, it may be helpful

JA: like if a heading broke, but it still wrapped, that would be ok

MR: almost every non-responsive site is going to fail, because they will
all require horizontal scrolling

WD: if you do this with zoom, you will have things like headings become

<ScottM> The original idea for the web was it should be responsive to
resolution and display size but that was lost at some point

WD: in Alastair's example, you can pick a font size that will work for you,
which is really a solution

JA: to be added to the set of techniques

MR: what if we haven't specified a zoom window, that is the other variable,
is that covered somewhere?

JA: Yes, one other item that Alastair was talking about was having the 1080
pixel in the testability

<alastairc> 1280px

AC: are there examples of sites that start with huge text?

JA: none reported

AC: perhaps we discount that, if it's never come up. Can report back to
original inquiree, as we have no examples of it.

JA: this issue may be somewhat resolved, but intrigued by native text

<allanj> - What about native text inputs which are only one line, as
filling it in will require scrolling.

<allanj> From testing, a native input with 300px width and 16px text will
fit over 25 characters. Not sure that helps.

JA: there's no way to wrap in one of those
... will need to test

GS: even if it's something we don't love, still may pass

<laura> It is 29 minutes past the hour.

JA: maybe we need an exception for text input

Summary of Action Items
Summary of Resolutions
[End of minutes]
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