RE: Grayscale filters and low vision

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I personally don't know anyone who uses it, but I have heard it is useful for various forms of color blindness.  Assuming the conversion to grayscale is colorimetric, the contrast would be preserved in theory, but if the eyes confuse hues  and even see one color as tints of another, then the original contrast is going to be morphed unless you apply a filter or convert to grays.  I'm certain there are folks out there for whom the other filters just don't cut it.


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Sent: Friday, June 09, 2017 10:00 PM
Subject: Grayscale filters and low vision

iOS 10 contains color filters - one of which is for grayscale.  I had someone ask if grayscale filters benefit people with low vision.    Do they help people with any of the areas listed in our document such with light sensitivity, contrast sensitivity, color perception, etc.?  Or is grayscale more of a diagnostic test filter or a novelty hat doesn't actually make content easier to read for people with low vision or color perception disabilities?

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