The request to return font family bullet to the Adapting Text SC (was Re: Font Width Arabic Fonts on Google Fonts)

Hi Wayne,

On 6/7/17, Wayne Dick <> wrote:
> Font Family should be changeable by users.

Yesterday you requested that the font family bullet be returned to the
Adapting text SC [1]. You:

* indicated that the user need is conflict pairs in font families [2]
* suggested the following SC text for the bullet: "The user can
substituted a font family for the author's font family so long as the
the following condition is met. There ratio of the user's font family
character size and the average
character size taken over font families in the script for the writing
system in use does not exceed 1.2..." [3]

My question to you was and still is:

"Does your new research indicate that users can't change font family?" [4]

In other words, does your new research indicate authors prevent users
from overriding font family?

How would an author know the "user's font family character size"?

I am trying to understand how the Adapting Text SC can help.

Anyway, to fit font family back into the current SC Text [5] as a 4th
the bullet it would need to be something like:

If the technologies being used allow the user agent to adapt style
properties of text, then no loss of essential content or functionality
occurs by adapting all of the following:

1. line spacing (leading) to at least 1.5
2. letter spacing (tracking) to at least 0.12 em
3. word spacing to at least 0.16 em
4. font family to the average character size of font families for the
writing system in use but not to exceeding 1.2em

In addition, I think we would need a definition for "average character
size" for all "writing systems".

But with all that said, I still don't know how that would help
eliminate conflict pairs in font families. Can you please explain?

Thank you.

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Thank you.

Kindest Regards,

Laura L. Carlson

Received on Wednesday, 7 June 2017 12:40:41 UTC