Question: large data tables / forms inside a table

While reviewing the "Proposed SC on notification of dynamic changes to
apage   " thread on the WCAG-WG list, I wondered:
Consider a data table, say with 5+ columns and 15+rows. Ordinary users
as well as low vision users may sometimes find it problematic to
relate row/col headers with data cells  lower down the table, no?

Likewise, consider a form inside a table with col / row headers
providing context for individual form controls.
This may be problematic to low vision users  who do not have to use
screen magnification AT routinely. So if one uses aria-labelledby
instead of title attribute, one may not be able to use a mouse to see
the accessible name for a field?

This content should be usable with a reduced field of vision too, right?
Or if row/col headers and form labels are programmatically
determinable is the onus on the user to use suitable user agents / AT

Sailesh Panchang

Received on Tuesday, 12 July 2016 19:59:20 UTC