Re: Build websites and Web APIs on top of KGs with Walder

On 9/1/20 7:08 AM, Pieter Heyvaert wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> We are happy to let you know that we have released Walder [1]! Walder
> offers an easy way to set up a website or Web API on top of
> decentralized knowledge graphs, which can be hosted via Solid PODs,
> SPARQL endpoints, Triple Pattern Fragments interfaces, RDF files, and
> so on. Using content negotiation, Walder makes the data in these
> knowledge graphs available to clients via HTML, RDF, and JSON-LD. You
> define in a configuration file which data Walder uses and how it
> processes this data.
> Our own website [2] uses Walder. Especially, our team page [3] shows
> the power of decentralized knowledge graphs as it queries different
> Solid PODs, websites with JSON-LD and plain RDF files to collect the
> content that is displayed.
> Wanna try it out? Check out the examples in the repository or follow
> our tutorial that guides you through the creation of your first
> website using Walder [4].
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]

Hi Pieter,

Great stuff!

I opened an issue on the  Walder project regarding the use of relative
HTTP URIs to enhance the Turtle and JSON-LD returned via
content-negotiation [1].

Attached screenshots demonstrate rendering of both examples using our
Structured Data Sniffer Browser Extension [2].



-- Structured Data Sniffer (for Chrome and other Web Extensions
compliant Browsers)

-- Structured Data Sniffer for Firefox)


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