Build websites and Web APIs on top of KGs with Walder

Hello everybody,

We are happy to let you know that we have released Walder [1]! Walder 
offers an easy way to set up a website or Web API on top of 
decentralized knowledge graphs, which can be hosted via Solid PODs, 
SPARQL endpoints, Triple Pattern Fragments interfaces, RDF files, and so 
on. Using content negotiation, Walder makes the data in these knowledge 
graphs available to clients via HTML, RDF, and JSON-LD. You define in a 
configuration file which data Walder uses and how it processes this data.

Our own website [2] uses Walder. Especially, our team page [3] shows the 
power of decentralized knowledge graphs as it queries different Solid 
PODs, websites with JSON-LD and plain RDF files to collect the content 
that is displayed.

Wanna try it out? Check out the examples in the repository or follow our 
tutorial that guides you through the creation of your first website 
using Walder [4].


Kind regards
Pieter Heyvaert
Ghent University, IDLab - imec
@HeyPieter <>

Received on Tuesday, 1 September 2020 11:09:08 UTC