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RDFa "extends" RDF .... as in "embrace, extend, extinguish".  OK, all RDFa really does is Brand an attribute label with less actual work than the maintenance of an XML Schema.  Engineering to be different is a game lazy, bored Engineers play and the whole HTML family can play for decades.

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 Subject: Re: making our HTML+RDFa queryable
 To: "Ruben Verborgh" <>
 Cc: "Kingsley Idehen" <>, "" <>
 Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2017, 8:42 AM
 I the documents would be
 using XHTML instead of HTML, you could parse
 the RDFa metadata using a simple XSLT
 stylesheet. Yet the browser
 vendors went for
 HTML5 and made parsing hard.
 Interestingly, those are the same companies
 that are able to harvest
 documents on Web
 scale, write own parsers, and manage large graphs of
 structured data.
 We are giving away the dog food yet have a hard
 time eating it
 ourselves. Which brings us
 back to the need for decentralization.
 Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 12:09 AM, Ruben Verborgh
 > HI Kingsley,
 >> Do  we need to
 stop at RDFa?
 Probably not, lots of things to do.
 > But
 we'll need adequate parsers as well;
 > I wasn't really successful with any23
 for instance,
 > it it didn't work
 well on HTML5.
 Fundamentally, use of <script/> for
 >> embedding structured data islands in
 HTML is a new pattern that should
 be added to the Linked Data deployment mix.
 > Although this can be
 useful indeed,
 > I'm not a big fan
 myself of this pattern.
 > The advantage
 of RDFa is its structural coupling to content,
 > which can be exploited in lots if
 interesting ways.
 > I personally would
 use conneg for large blurbs of RDF.
 >> As an example, our Structured Data
 Sniffer [4] browser extension doesn't
 >> have a preference with regards to
 HTML+RDFa, HTML+Microdata,
 HTML+JSONLD, HTML+Turtle, or raw Turtle, JSON-LD, RDF-XML
 > Cool, is there also a
 standalone parser?
 > The pipeline would
 become more powerful with this one,
 > as
 it currently only supports raw Turtle and RDFa.
 >> BTW -- I was
 actually going to make a demo using your page but I hit a
 >> TLS issue that can be recreated
 >> curl
 > Thanks for reporting,
 but I can't reproduce with curl 7.51.0.
 > My TLS settings purposely avoid weaker
 > to obtain an A+ grade on
 > Best,
 > Ruben

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