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Seventh International Workshop on "Data Engineering meets the Semantic Web" (DESWeb 2016) @ ICDE 2016

From: Sabrina Kirrane <sabrina.kirrane@wu.ac.at>
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2015 20:49:04 +0100
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                              CALL FOR PAPERS
Seventh International Workshop on "Data Engineering meets the Semantic Web"
                                 (DESWeb 2016)
                            in conj. with ICDE 2016

           Submission deadline:              December 22, 2015
           ICDE 2016 venue:                  Aalto University's School of Business,
                                             Helsinki, Finland


The Database community has increasingly become interested in the Semantic Web, the vision of
which has become an established reality through a series of decade-long methodological advances.
Given the recent explosion of structured data available on the Web and associated challenges with
respect to what is commonly referred to as the 3V's (Volume, Variety and Velocity), the two
communities form excellent candidates for benefiting from each other.

The 7th version of the DESWeb workshop will be held in Helsinki, Finland, and will be
co-located with the annual ICDE conference (as in past installations). The DESWeb workshop
will provide a lively forum that aims to bring together researchers from the Database and Semantic Web
communities, in order to highlight their common interests and promote mutual advancement and cross-fertilization.


We invite submissions of research results and ongoing projects (short papers of up to 6 pages, IEEE format) in
the conjunction of these thematic areas. We also welcome submissions on visions and challenges (of up to 3 pages, IEEE format)
focusing on radical and novel ideas rather than established approaches, as well as difficult and open problems rather than solutions.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

     * Structured data on the Web
     * Ontologies and data integration
     * Scalable triple stores and query processing
     * Semantic search
     * Linked data and entity resolution
     * Knowledge graphs
     * Reasoning over Web data and services
     * Semantic authoring and crowdsourcing
     * Provenance and trust in Web data
     * Distributed query processing and optimization
     * Data quality, profiling, and uncertainty
     * Data freshness and updates
     * Data mining and knowledge discovery


Both regular (of up to 6 pages) and late-breaking/vision (of up to 3 pages) papers should be formatted
according to the ICDE formatting guidelines.  Detailed formatting instructions and samples are
available here:http://icde2016.fi/guidelines.php#tabular1

Details about how to upload submissions are available at the DESWeb 2016 web site:


     * Submission:            December 22, 2015
     * Notification:          January 29, 2016
     * Camera ready:          February 10, 2016


	* Philippe Cudre-Mauroux			(University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
	* Tudor Groza					(University of New South Wales, Australia)
	* Claudio Gutierrez				(Universidad de Chile, Chile)
	* Katja Hose 					(Aalborg University, Denmark)
	* Zoi Kaoudi 					(Qatar Computing Research Institute, Qatar)
	* Tasos Kementsietsidis 			(Google Research, USA)
	* Josiane Parreira 				(DERI/NUI Galway, Ireland)
	* Jorge-Arnulfo Quian&eacute-Ruiz 		(Qatar Computing Research Institute, Qatar)
	* Ralf Schenkel 				(University of Passau, Germany)
	* Jurgen Umbrich 				(Fujitsu, Ireland)       	
	* Gerhard Weikum 				(Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany)


	* Theodore Dalamagas				(ATHENA Research and Innovation Center)
	* Sabrina Kirrane				(Vienna University of Economics and Business)
	* Yannis Stavrakas				(ATHENA Research and Innovation Center)


	* Soren Auer 					(University of Bonn, Germany)
	* Philippe Cudre-Mauroux 			(University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
	* Mathieu d'Aquin 				(Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University, UK)
	* Magdalini Eirinaki 				(San Jose State University, USA)
	* Giorgos Flouris 				(ICS FORTH, Greece)
	* Irini Foundoulaki 				(ICS FORTH, Greece)
	* Tudor Groza 					(The University of Queensland, Australia)
	* Claudio Gutierrez 				(Universidad de Chile, Chile)
	* Andreas Harth 				(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
	* Olaf Hartig 					(University of Potsdam, Germany)
	* Aidan Hogan 					(Universidad de Chile, Chile)
	* Katja Hose 					(Aalborg University, Denmark)
	* Simon Jupp 					(EBI EMBL, UK)
	* Zoi Kaoudi 					(Qatar Computing Research Institute, Qatar)
	* Konstantinos Karanasos 			(Microsoft, UK)
	* Manolis Koubarakis 				(University of Athens, Greece)
	* Ioana Manolescu 				(INRIA Saclay, France)
	* George Papastefanatos				(ATHENA Research and Innovation Center)
	* Ralf Schenkel 				(University of Passau, Germany)
	* Timos Sellis 					(RMIT, Australia)
	* Juan Sequeda 					(Capsenta Labs, USA)
	* Jurgen Umbrich				(WU Vienna, Austria)

Assistant Professor,
Institute for Management Information Systems,
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Tel: +43-1-31336-4494
E-mail: sabrina.kirrane [at] wu.ac.at
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