Re: Visualizing Linked Data - did we miss anything?

On 29/03/13 16:34, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
> On 3/29/13 12:16 PM, Barry Norton wrote:
>> With a SPARQL endpoint at:
>> Human-queryable at:
>> (Both may be authenticated, for use in study against the curriculum, 
>> with the credentials exercise2/exercise2 and are expanding to full 
>> mapping over the MusicBrainz NGS, including advanced relationships, 
>> as well as mappings to, and annotations of, further data/content)
> What am I supposed to do if they require logins? Where's the signup, 
> at the very least?

I'm sorry if the line you quoted above was not clear - they HTTP Basic 
Authentication is required with the credentials shown.

See, e.g.:

$ curl --user exercise2:exercise2 -H "Accept:text/csv" -d "query=SELECT 
* {?c a <> . 


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