[http-range14] how to publish RDF for Information Resources

Hi all,

I have an Web architecture question here.

Assume I have a information resource URI  http://example.com/homepage.html

I would like to publish a RDF metadata
(http://example.com/data/homepagerdf) about
this information resource (e.g. homepage isCreatedBy steve). What
publishing mechanism can I use?

since http://example.com/homepage.html is an Information Resource, when
dereferencing it, we should get that homepage.html document returned. How
can we possible redirect to a RDF?

Content negotiation can use to serve two different representation of the
resource, but both representation is for the same resource. So we cannot
use it.

303 can redirect one information resources to another information resource,
e.g. http://example.com/homepage.html --303-->
http://example.com/data/homepagerdf --200-->RDF

but in this way, when I dereferencing the original
http://example.com/homepage.html it did not result as a homepage.html
itself and got a RDF. So there is a paradox here.

Can anyone please suggest anything? Or the conclusion is that the RDFa (or
by using the link element to RDF) is the only way to publish RDF metadata
for information resources?

I am writing a paper and I would like to conclude that there will be no
case that a hashURI publishing mechanism and 303 redirection can be used
for Information Resource to publish RDF metadata. Do you have any object

One may recommend me to use RDFa. However, I consider that the RDFa is not
ideal solution to publish Linked Data at all.
First of all, embedding metadata together with data prohibits the
independent curation of data and metadata. Secondly, following the
principles of the Web Architecture, any distinct resource of significance
should be given a distinct URI, but in this approach a single URI is used
to identify two information resources. In general, the RDFa embedded
metadata approach can be replaced by using the <link> element href in XHTML
to pointing to an external RDF document, where the rel=”meta” attribute can
be used to indicate a relationship between resources.

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