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Callimachus 1.0 (Open Source) Released!

From: David Wood <david@3roundstones.com>
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 02:09:52 -0500
Message-Id: <8EA65DB1-11EC-4065-9854-1AA772903539@3roundstones.com>
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Hi all,

The Callimachus Project is immensely pleased to announce Callimachus 1.0 (Open Source).  Callimachus 1.0 is available for immediate download from:

= Callimachus 1.0 (Open Source) Released =

The Callimachus Project started building a Linked Data management system in 2009.  Today, we are pleased to announce our 1.0 release.  Callimachus is an Open Source system for navigating, managing, visualizing and building applications on Linked Data.

Callimachus is currently used by publishers, broadcasters, healthcare/life science companies, government agencies, researchers and students in countries around the world.  Come join us to make Callimachus the world's leading Linked Data management system.

= New Features =

This release includes significant new features, including:

- Built-in support for most types of Persistent URLs (PURLs), including Active
- Scripted HTTP content type conversions via XProc pipelines.
- Ability to access remote Linked Data via SPARQL SERVICE keyword and XProc
- Named Queries can now have a custom view page. The view page can be a
   template for the resources in the query result.
- Authorization can now be performed based on IP addresses or the DNS domain
   of the client.

The Callimachus Project now includes a live documentation service.  Documentation will be updated as features change or problems are found.  The documentation service is itself a Callimachus application.  Please ask if you would like to contribute to Callimachus documentation!

Documentation for the 1.0 release may be found at:

= Major Changes =

Major changes in this release include:

- Upgraded in-browser WYSIWYM article editor for DocBook articles and books.
- Upgraded DocBook support, including tables and document transclusion.
- Upgraded in-browser code editor; includes JavaScript syntax highlighting and
  code validation.
- Upgraded http-core, allowing for simultaneous write operations.

- Much better support for Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9.  Details of
  browser support may be found at:

= Callimachus Day =

Not that familiar with Callimachus? Confused with a new aspect of the
release? Don't know what a JDK is? Come join us on IRC and we can walk
and talk you through any aspect of Callimachus you like.

We will be hosting a Callimachus Day on Thursday, January 3, 2013 at
the times below. Come and join us in an IRC chat room to answer your
questions and get help installing Callimachus. Found bugs or want to
request a feature? Join the discussion and talk directly to a
Callimachus team member. Working together allows us to share
knowledge and give some much needed assistance.

Join the Callimachus Day!

Who can join a Callimachus Day? Everyone. You don't need to be a
developer and you don't need to know how to write code. Everyone is
welcome. If you don't know how to get started, then just stop on by
and we'll explain everything to you.

You should have:
* decent ability to read English
* 30 or so minutes of the day (for newbies, after that you can do it
in very small chunks.)

Where to go for Callimachus Day? Come to #callimachus on IRC
(irc.freenode.net). If you don't have an IRC client (or can't install
one) you can follow the discussion using the web client at:


The next Callimachus Day is scheduled for Thursday, January 3, 2013.
UTC-time		14:00 to 17:00
San Francisco	7  AM to 10 AM  PDT
Washington DC	10 AM to 1  PM  EDT
London			3  PM to 6  PM  BST
Berlin			4  PM to 7  PM  CEST

Everyone can help make Callimachus better!  We need your use cases
and your participation.  Please join us for the next Callimachus Day!

= What's Next =

Callimachus Enterprise 1.0 will be released by 3 Round Stones in January 2013.  Please see http://3roundstones.com for details.


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