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Research Fellow position on Knowledge Driven Data Exploitation

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Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 15:58:44 +0000
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*Research Fellow* position in:  Knowledge Driven Data Exploitation
(K-Drive) project

*Period*: 2 years

High *Salary*: University grade 8, *47,314* per annum

*Friendly research environment*:  ARK group of the University of Aberdeen,


Knowledge Driven Data Exploitation (K-Drive) is a European Commission
7thFramework Programme project for Industry-Academia Partnerships and
Pathways. The main goals of the K-Drive are (1) the development of
efficient and scalable query generation techniques with potential for
dealing with streaming data and knowledge, (2) detailed studies of their
use for exploiting both public data and private data, with the future
perspective of using these novel knowledge driven data analysis tools as
diagnostic and guidance tools for domain experts and end users.

The Agents, Reasoning, and Knowledge (ARK) group of the University of
Aberdeen will be in charge of the development of efficient and scalable
query generation and answering technologies, stream semantic query
technologies and hypothesis generation and guidance technologies. In the
K-Drive project, knowledge/data will be extracted and formalised into
description logic-based ontologies in real time and the processing of such
knowledge/data, and corresponding generation and answering of different
queries will also be performed dynamically. To accomplish these technical
tasks, novel query generation and answering technologies need to be
developed and implemented. For this purpose, the ARK group is looking for a
highly competent and experienced research fellow to help undertake the
above activities.

As a candidate, you should have a strong background in Computer Science
i.e., a PhD in Computer Science or Artificial Intelligence, alongside a
thorough understanding of:

(1) knowledge of ontologies, description logic reasoning and their

(2) knowledge of data summarisation,

(3) knowledge of stream data processing,

(4) knowledge of semantic search and semantic query answering,

(5) knowledge of the Semantic Web and its standards and

(6) Knowledge of knowledge-based systems.

Publications on these topics or in top Web conferences will be highly
desirable. Experience in data mining, machine learning and distributed
computation will be desirable. You will be expected to have experience in
designing semantic technology-based systems and the ability to combine
formal theoretical work with application-oriented research. Solid skills
and experience in Java programming will be required.

Marie Curie Research Training Networks aims to provide training and
research experiences for researchers at the beginning of their careers by
creating an opportunity to spend a few years in another country as part of
an international, high-quality research network. As such please note that
it is a stipulation of the funding body that applicants *have* *NOT lived,
worked or studied in the UK for more than 12 months in the past three years.
* Additionally, the funding body stipulates that candidates must
demonstrate 4-10 years experience in research.

This post is funded from the K-Drive project and will be offered for a
period of *2 years*.

Salary will be *47,314* as stipulated by the funding body.

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Informal enquiries may be made to Dr Jeff Pan (

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To apply online for this position visit www.abdn.ac.uk/jobs

The closing date for the receipt of applications is* 15 Jan 2013.*

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