Re: Linked Data Book in Early Access Release

Excerpts from David Wood's message of 2012-12-06 14:03:34 +0000:
> Hi all,
> Great news!  Manning's publisher and Webmaster helped us to publish some LD about the book on Manning's site.  In my opinion, that is much, much better than doing it ourselves on a separate site.
> There is a now an RDF icon on:
> …that links to:
> We will continue to build out the LD as the book progresses.  Suggestions for content welcome.
great news!

still it looks like having i can't discover following a common convention? what options we could have for that?
* content type negotiation and redirect -  303?
* link relation in head of document?

can I learn about it from "Consuming Linked Data" chapter? :)

a wish for the future: sementic pingback service where public libraries and community book shelves can ping your website and we can find geolocated list of shared copies directly from the page of your book :D


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