[Call for Participation] LODE user testing session

Dear all, 

In order to verify the usefulness and usability of LODE [1], a web-based tool for the documentation and navigation of OWL and OWL2 ontologies, we are looking for volunteers for a brief online test (30 mins max) whose results will be included in a forthcoming scientific paper about it. The test will be carried out using the well-known web surveys generator Kwik Surveys [2].

If you feel you can spare a half hour of your time to work through a simple list of questions about OWL ontologies, please go to


and start the test.

Thank you for your understanding and contribution,

Silvio Peroni
Fabio Vitali

[1] - http://www.essepuntato.it/lode
[2] - http://kwiksurveys.com

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