Re: [Dbpedia-discussion] Like DBpedia? You'll love :BaseKB


On 4/11/12 7:18 PM, Paul A. Houle wrote:
>          We've cracked the code of the Freebase quad dump and produced
> what we believe is the first correct conversion of Freebase into
> industry-standard RDF.
>         By installing :BaseKB into any market-leading triple store,  you
> can query Freebase with the powerful SPARQL 1.1 language -- you can get
> back as many query results as you want and not be afraid that your
> queries will time out.  :BaseKB is also compatible with a wide range of
> reasoners ranging from RDFS and OWL to SPIN,  RIF and first-order logic.
>        The early access release of :BaseKB will be used to support the
> basekb-tools open source project
>         basekb-tools will include a test suite and a system that rewrites
> RDF statements and SPARQL queries to replicate the name-resolving
> capabilities of graphd,  the database behind Freebase.  Once
> basekb-tools is ready,  it will be all the easier to write queries
> against :BaseKB,  and :BaseKB will reach "generally available" status.
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