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The German Serials Database (Zeitschriftendatenbank - ZDB) [1] has recently published their bibliographic data as "Linked Data". By this means the ZDB, one of the world's largest databases for serials, fills a gap in the "Linked Library Data Cloud".
The publication of ZDB bibliographic data as "Linked Data" enables the reuse of our data in the semantic web both inside and outside the library world.. 

As a first step the ZDB Linked Data Service [2] provides only a subset of the data of each title. In cooperation with our partner the German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek - DNB) [3] we will continuously expand the extent of linked bibliographic data.

More than 1.6 million bibliographic records can now be accessed and referenced by URIs containing the ZDB-ID [4].

Base URI:

Non Information Resource:

Information Resource:

http://ld.zdb-services.de/data/<ZDB-ID> html.

http://ld.zdb-services.de/data/<ZDB-ID> rdf.

http://ld.zdb-services.de/resource/204679-9 (303 redirect)
http://ld.zdb-services.de/data/204679-9 (Content Negotiation)
http://ld.zdb-services.de/data/204679-9.html (302 redirect to the ZDB-OPAC [5])
http://ld.zdb-services.de/data/204679-9.rdf (title with RDF+XML serialization)

For the documentation of the service and contact details, please visit our service description page [2]. We appreciate your feedback!

[1] http://www.zeitschriftendatenbank.de
[2] http://www.zeitschriftendatenbank.de/linked-data
[3] http://www.dnb.de
[4] The ZDB-ID is a powerful identifier for serial titles. Unlike the ISSN, ZDB-ID distinguishes between printed and electronic versions as well as fractions of the journal history. It is no database identification number, and thus independent of the system.
[5] http://zdb-opac.de



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