Re: ANN: LODIB - Linked Open Data Integration Benchmark

Hi lots of work here! Wondering Did you consider evaluating if its worth
learning the quite involved rdf based syntaxes of many of these vs a simple
python jython or whatever script? Obviously you need Turing completeness so
I wonder (and a benchmark should bother to show imo) if its worth the
effort of ad hoc systems. (Let alone - and you can't really leave this
alone in 2012 - the lack of ide or tool support for non standard
programming paradigms)
On Apr 11, 2012 1:23 PM, "Andreas Schultz" <> wrote:

> (Apologies for cross-posting)
> Hi all,
> we are happy to announce the release of the Linked Open Data
> Integration Benchmark (LODIB), which has been devised for comparing the
> expressivity as well as the runtime performance of Linked Data translation
> systems. It was developed by a collaboration between the University of
> Sevilla and the Web Based Systems Group.
> The benchmark was devised by looking at a sample of entities from the LOD
> Cloud. From this sample we extracted a catalog of fifteen data translation
> patterns and survey how often these patterns occur in the example set.
> Based on these statistics, we designed our benchmark that aims to reflect
> the real-world heterogeneities that exist on the Web of Data. The
> benchmark also comes with a data generator in order to test data
> translation systems at differet scales.
> We applied the benchmark to test the performance of two data translation
> systems, Mosto and LDIF, and compare the performance of the systems with
> the SPARQL 1.1 CONSTRUCT query performance of the Jena TDB RDF store.
> LODIB is publicly available at:
> Best regards,
> Carlos R. Rivero (University of Sevilla), Andreas Schultz (Freie
> Universitšt
> Berlin), Christian Bizer (Freie Universitšt Berlin) and David Ruiz
> (University of Sevilla)

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