Re: Think before you write Semantic Web crawlers

On 6/22/11 3:00 PM, Dieter Fensel wrote:
> At 14:37 22.06.2011, Andreas Harth wrote:
>> Hi Martin,
>> first let me say that I do think crawlers should follow basic politeness
>> rules (contact info in User-Agent, adhere to the Robot Exclusion 
>> Protocol).
>> However, I am delighted that people actually start consuming Linked 
>> Data,
>> and we should encourage that.
> The real challenge may be to achieve usage of data in a way that 
> provide benefits to its provider.

Closer, but the core algorithm or heuristic will always require 
something like WebID plus some serious Linked Data dog-fooding re. trust 
logics. Ooooowl ! :-)



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