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On 6 June 2011 02:42, Christopher Gutteridge <> wrote:
> +1
> I would go further and suggest that you cut and paste in the property &
> class definitions to provide a single file which can be translated to enable
> core parts of the semweb in other languages.

That's the approach I took with getting translations of the
FOAF-a-Matic. I had a separate XML file with the text that
contributors could just update and send back. Worked really well. A
shared Google spreadsheet might work well as a lo-fi approach.

But that assumes people will do a whole translation set or whole
vocabulary in one go. Maybe it would be easier to do a few here and
there. Strikes me it'd be a good case for a super-simple service:
homepage shows a random property, prompts user to fill in a
translation. Make it into a little game.



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