automatic data interlinking


Part of the ontology alignment evaluation initiative [1] we will have 
for the 2nd year a data interlinking evaluation.

We propose in this track to evaluate systems able to *automatically* 
find interlinks between Web datasets, in contrast to semi-automatic 
tools. This year we will focus on large datasets. Two datasets are given 
in input and a set of links between equivalent resources will have to be
given in output.

We're looking for systems to participate to the evaluation. We're also 
looking for datasets that may be used for the evaluation, that is have a 
nicely curated linkset to serve as a reference.

btw I also invite you to look at the result of last year evaluation [2]



[1] http:///
[2] http:///

Received on Friday, 21 May 2010 13:50:31 UTC