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Re: National Identification Number URIs ( NIN URIs )

From: Nathan <nathan@webr3.org>
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 01:46:44 +0000
Message-ID: <4B945704.7000202@webr3.org>
To: Kingsley Idehen <kidehen@openlinksw.com>
CC: Aldo Bucchi <aldo.bucchi@gmail.com>, Linked Data community <public-lod@w3.org>
Hi Kinglsey, Aldo, all:

Kingsley Idehen wrote:
> Aldo Bucchi wrote:
>> For example: http://dbpedia.org/nin/cl/14168212
>> That would be me based on my Chilean NIN.

aldo: are there any privacy concerns with doing this, i.e. is permission
needed before using..?

>> Is there some namespace for this already?
> Don't use DBpedia namespace in this manner.
> Why not encourage people to do this:
> urn:country.person.id.{national-id}
> The data can then live in an RDF store that can make de-referencable
> URIs via re-write rules when it comes to the Linked Data publishing.
> This also means the data can ultimately live in a place controlled by
> the Chilean govt. without much hassle, when its ready etc..

Very interested in your reasoning here Kingsley :) I'm unsure if you mean:

a: use a temporary urn: at the minute so you can get on, then define the
HTTP URI later when you are ready.


b: internally use generic urn's that are not tied to any specific scheme
so that as times change you can publish your data in any format you wish
by mapping the urn's to any URI/scheme you want without having to
rewrite your data.

Many Regards,

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