Re: Question about "paths as URIs" in the BBC RDF

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 8:56 PM, Ross Singer <> wrote:
> Thanks, Dan.  Simon Spero pointed me towards this as well (so I would
> like to publicly thank him, too).
> My takeaway is that both parties are doing something wrong here:
> 1) My parser needs to be aware of the context of the resource it is
> parsing (whether that be the URI it is being retrieved from or an
> explicitly set base URI) - I'm refactoring it as we speak to take this
> into account.

Yes, it also the case for most FOAF files in the wild (and I suppose
lots of other RDF documents).

> 2) The BBC should set an xml:base attribute since that would alleviate
> any ambiguity should the RDF not be retrieved from their site.

Nope, xml:base would only be a valid answer if we were linking to
something like 'some/path'.


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