Re: Generate RDFa with Epiphany

Dear Benjamin,
Excellent! If you want me to review any of the resulting patters, please 
just send me the URI of a sample result.

For training the system, it's maybe better to use a native reference 
data set, e.g. this one:

By the way, you can also use the GoodRelations Validator (beta) to check 
your output

It runs about 20 queries (and counting ;-) against the data. It accepts 
and RDFa or RDF/XML resource with GoodRelations data.

Best wishes


Benjamin Adrian wrote:
> Dear Martin,
> The RDF extraction service SCOOBIE behind Epiphany can be configured 
> or let's say trained with any RDF model that describes a certain domain.
> I'm working on extedning the Epiphany web service to let user define 
> which model (even their own) to take for annotating web pages with 
> Epiphany.
> So, to support Good Relations, we just will have to give it an RDF 
> model such as it is available at the Amazon sponger data.
> But beside Epiphany I will try to configure SCOOBIE  with a small 
> GoodRelations training set in the next days and keep you up-to-date.
> Best regards,
> Ben
> Martin Hepp (UniBW) schrieb:
>> Hi Benjamin,
>> Nice - can you create GoodRelations ( 
>> patterns in RDFa for existing shop pages, e.g. identify price and 
>> product information?
>> Just spotting the product name, description, EAN/UPC code, and price 
>> would already very valuable.
>> Best
>> Martin
>> PS: Did you see the Amazon sponger data, e.g. at
>> Benjamin Adrian wrote:
>>> Hi everyone!
>>> Let me introduce the RDFa annotator Epiphany:
>>> It uses configurable domain-specific Linked Data to enrich web pages 
>>> with RDFa annotation, automatically.
>>> These annotations link text passages to instances inside the Linked 
>>> Data model.
>>> Hovering an annotation with your mouse opens a lighting box with 
>>> additional information from the RDF graph behind the instance's HTTP 
>>> URI.
>>> Epiphany runs at:
>>> On the top right you'll find an example.
>>> Under, you can write 
>>> your own text and receive RDFa content.
>>> Currently, the underlying Linked Data model is a subset of DBpedia 
>>> covering German politics.
>>> In later versions you will be able to upload or link your own Linked 
>>> Data model to annotate web pages with your own domain specific RDFa.
>>> Please don't hesitate in giving me your comments :). Twitter hashtag 
>>> Regards
>>> Ben

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