Re: Generate RDFa with Epiphany

Dear Martin,

The RDF extraction service SCOOBIE behind Epiphany can be configured or 
let's say trained with any RDF model that describes a certain domain.
I'm working on extedning the Epiphany web service to let user define 
which model (even their own) to take for annotating web pages with Epiphany.

So, to support Good Relations, we just will have to give it an RDF model 
such as it is available at the Amazon sponger data.
But beside Epiphany I will try to configure SCOOBIE  with a small 
GoodRelations training set in the next days and keep you up-to-date.

Best regards,


Martin Hepp (UniBW) schrieb:
> Hi Benjamin,
> Nice - can you create GoodRelations ( 
> patterns in RDFa for existing shop pages, e.g. identify price and 
> product information?
> Just spotting the product name, description, EAN/UPC code, and price 
> would already very valuable.
> Best
> Martin
> PS: Did you see the Amazon sponger data, e.g. at
> Benjamin Adrian wrote:
>> Hi everyone!
>> Let me introduce the RDFa annotator Epiphany:
>> It uses configurable domain-specific Linked Data to enrich web pages 
>> with RDFa annotation, automatically.
>> These annotations link text passages to instances inside the Linked 
>> Data model.
>> Hovering an annotation with your mouse opens a lighting box with 
>> additional information from the RDF graph behind the instance's HTTP 
>> URI.
>> Epiphany runs at:
>> On the top right you'll find an example.
>> Under, you can write 
>> your own text and receive RDFa content.
>> Currently, the underlying Linked Data model is a subset of DBpedia 
>> covering German politics.
>> In later versions you will be able to upload or link your own Linked 
>> Data model to annotate web pages with your own domain specific RDFa.
>> Please don't hesitate in giving me your comments :). Twitter hashtag 
>> Regards
>> Ben

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