Hungarian National Library published its entire OPAC and Digital Library as Linked Data

The national library of Hungary - officially named as National 
Széchényi Library (NSZL) - proudly announces that its entire OPAC and 
Digital Library and the corresponding authority data have been 
published as Linked Data. The used vocabularies are:  

oRDFDC for bibliographic data, 
oFOAF for name authority entries, and 
oSKOS for subject terms and geographical names. 

NSZL uses CoolURIs. Every resource has both RDF and HTML 

Our RDFDC, FAOF and SKOS statements are linked together. Our name 
authority is matched with the DBPedia name files and URI aliases are 
handled as owl:sameAs statements.  

NSZL also supports the HTML link auto-discovery.  

Examples are:

OPAC records (RDFDC):

Digital Library record (RDFDC):

Name authority (FOAF):

Subject term (SKOS):

Any feedback is welcome. 

NSZL followed and adapted the Swedish LIBRIS´s practices. We are 
grateful for Martin Malmsten for his help. Skosification was done 
under the TELplus project with the precious feedbacks of Antoine 

For technical datailes please contact:
Kornel Horvath ( or
Zsolt Zachar (

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Director of Informatics
Information Technology Department
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Received on Monday, 12 April 2010 11:29:23 UTC