Re: how do I report bad sameAs links? (dbpedia <-> Cyc)

On 30/6/09 13:33, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
> Dan Brickley wrote:

(I was reminded about the SW bug tracker after posting this; good idea)

>> says it is owl:sameAs dbpedia:Spaced
>> And DBpedia reports the same. They're both wrong! The DBpedia page is
>> about a television situation comedy show; the Cyc page is about a
>> freeware computer game.

> This is problem in the OpenCyc data space (and the datasets generated
> from it). DBpedia doesn't reciprocate that claim :-)

Yes it does! That's how I found the Cyc entry in the first place. Use 
case blogged here -
     * fbase:Spaced
     * opencyc:en/Spaced_TheGame

> btw - we are on the verge of releasing DBpedia 3.3 (sometime today).

Congratulations! :)


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