Re: Common Tag - semantic tagging convention

Le 18/06/2009 16:46, Alexandre Passant a écrit :
> I just reply to an e-mail from Toby on the topic on the commontag ml.
> Since the archives are not yet public, let-me repost my point about the
> mappings here.
> "A Tag in common tag is a tag a seen in Newman's ontology.

My understanding of Newman's ontology is that the URI tag:cheese (for 
example) represent every occurence of the string "cheese" used as a tag.

This cannot work with common tag, since "cheese" can be used:
- on resource R1 at date D1 as an AuthorTag
- on resource R2 at date D2 as a ReaderTag

This practically forces us to define two distinct Tag resources, both 
with the label "cheese", but with different types and taggingDate.

Of course, nothing prevents us from using the same resource, but in that 
case, we would not know anymore which date and which tag type correspond 
to which resource...

So the design of Common Tag implies that Tag resources should not be 
"reused" across different tagging actions, which IMHO makes them quite 
different from Newman's Tags (and close to Tagging, in fact).


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