Hi Sherman
>From: Sherman Monroe []

>Try this:

>- Go to
>- Enter 'kiwi'
>- Click the magnifying glass icon on the button bar to view categories
>There, you should see all categories for things named Kiwi.
>- Click the blue right arrow icon next to umble-sc:Birds, now you have Birds
>named Kiwi
>- Now click the ID cards icon on the button bar, now you have all sameAs
>resouces for those birds

>Here are other walkthroughs/examples<>

Looks very good - I'll give it a spin.  I'd be interested to know what algorithm is used here to bring the bird meaning to the top of the results.

I wonder about the utility of the directory/file metaphor (rather than the graph metaphor) since this brings with it the unintended notion of containment.  

As another browsing example you may be interested in this dbPedia/mashup browser I built as a toy in XQuery on eXist a while back.

This is based on the three category systems used in dbpedia and had as its objective to be a picture-book browser.  It is very much a prototype and stresses the little server it shares with other eXist applications so please be gentle (I must look into moving it to the cloud)



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