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> Hi Azamat,
> one thing I would like to be able to do is enter a search query similar to
> the following:
> "Kiwi a bird"
> using the "a" to indicate "rdf:type" and to substitute for "bird" the
> classes known to represent that concept. The search would then be made
> with the substituted list of classes specifying the entity type.

This would indeed be a better UI, however, disambiguation will be
challenging in the wild. Any UI based on state-of-the-art tech will require
the user to disambiguate. One could say that and
razorbase are browsers which encourage user to disambiguate her way to the
desired results.

I've prepared some slides [1] which presents the file system metaphor as a
useful approach for linked data browsers. I think it offers a nice
alternative to the more natural UI you're describing.



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