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> Hugh
> This is excellent stuff and I totally support your views about composable Sem
> Web tools:
Brian Kernighan et al. must be proud of us.
> Just a couple of observations:
> - the AJAX interface is neat but its no good for browsing: when returning to a
> list of links, status has been lost so an unfolded list is folded again, and
> there is no indicated of visited links. I would favour conventional web
> behaviour.
But when Ian showed me I thought it was so cool :-)
Point noted.
> - not your problem but I note that search via Sindice is rather disappointing
> - for example
>   (a general term for a flightless bird found in
> New Zealand divided into several species, but also a colloquial expression for
> a New Zealander and a Kiwifruit)
> throws up a radio station, an animated cartoon and lots of wordnet links to a
> juggle of plumbing but no juice.  No sign of
> however
We only look at the first n results from Sindice, and clearly kiwi is a
popular name.
Clicking on the sindice link will show you what we got.
However, I see that using "kiwi bird" gives a decent return, so all is not
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