Re: looking for an event ontology/vocabulary

>> And while the Event ontology doesn't state event:Factor and
>> geo:SpatialThing to be distinct (maybe they didn't want to make such
>> statements about other people's terms - with OWL 2 they could do this for
>> event:factor and event:place now though) I think it's pretty obvious that
>> you're supposed to use event:place for the city in which the performance
>> took place (or more exactly for the venue which is in the city).
> Ah, if only such things were obvious. No, it is not obvious that event:place
> means the city. or even that one person's place might not be another
> person's factor. And BTW, your mention of venue raises an interesting
> question: can one event be in several event:places? For example, if the
> recording was made in a studio in Los Angeles, would it be acceptable to
> have the event:place be USA? Or would that simply be wrong? The point being,
> of course, that shouldn't the ontology specification say **something** about
> issues like this? Questions like this matter when one wants to retrieve data
> based on conditions (find all the recordings that were made anywhere in the
> USA before 1997.)

Interesting point. Although the event ontology defers it to the
Geonames ontology and its "feature" concept.


Received on Wednesday, 29 July 2009 21:01:00 UTC