Re: [discogs] Announce: First draft of Discogs data conversion

> As a personal project I've been working on a conversion of the discogs
> [1] music database into Linked Data [2].
> The database, which is regularly exported and is under a Public Domain
> license, includes medata about approximately 1.2m artists and over
> 100k labels, and 1.5m releases,
> The first cut of the conversion, which covers just artists and labels
> at this stage, is now available from [2]. The dataset uses a number of
> different vocabularies, primarily FOAF and the Music Ontology. It also
> links into DbPedia, and the MySpace data exposed from dbtune. The next
> round of changes will be to fix up a few outstanding bugs; build links
> into the BBC /music website; and conversion of the release data.
> There's a substantial amount of data there already, so I thought I'd
> announce it for feedback from the community, so bug reports and
> feedback appreciated.
> The data is hosted in the Talis Platform under the Connected Commons scheme.
> Cheers,
> L.
> p.s. thats one more thing ticked off the linked data shopping list :)
> [1].
> [2].

Very exciting!  Seeing lots of links to dbtune and dbpedia.  Well done!


Received on Friday, 10 July 2009 08:13:20 UTC