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[ANN] DBpedia 3.3

From: Georgi Kobilarov <georgi.kobilarov@gmx.de>
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2009 12:54:55 +0200
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Dear all,

we are pleased to announce the release of DBpedia 3.3. This release is
based on Wikipedia dumps of May 2009.

The new release includes the following improvements over DBpedia 3.2:

1. more accurate abstract extraction
2. labels and abstracts in 80 languages (see [1])
3. several infobox extraction bugfixes
4. new links to Dailymed, Diseasome, Drugbank, Sider, TCM 
5. updated Open Cyc links

You can find the datasets at [2], and the rdf files at [1]. The dataset
is available to be queried at our Sparql endpoint [3].

After eight long months without DBpedia release (due to a lack of
Wikipedia dumps), today's release will bring us up to speed again, and
we will release DBpedia datasets much more often in the future.

On behalf of the DBpedia Team of Freie Universitšt Berlin, Universitšt
Leipzig and Openlink Software,


[1] http://downloads.dbpedia.org/3.3/
[2] http://wiki.dbpedia.org/Downloads
[3] http://dbpedia.org/sparql/

Georgi Kobilarov
Freie Universitšt Berlin
Received on Friday, 3 July 2009 10:56:34 UTC

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