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Peter Mika wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Have you looked at "Best Practice Recipes for Publishing RDF 
> Vocabularies":
> Peter

Ivan (as W3C rep.),

We have a W3C article titled:
Best Practice Recipes for Publishing RDF Vocabularies

Abstract reads:
This document describes best practice recipes for publishing an RDFS or 
OWL vocabulary or ontology on the Web. The features of each recipe are 
clearly described, so that vocabulary or ontology creators may choose 
the recipe best suited to the needs of their particular situations. Each 
recipe contains an example configuration for use with an Apache HTTP 
server, although the principles involved may be adapted to other 
environments. The recipes are all designed to be consistent with the 
architecture of the Web as currently specified.

I think the W3C really have to decide if this is an Apache Guide or a 
general Web guide. Right now its an Apache guide, so why not correct the 
title so it reads:

Best Practice Recipes for Publishing RDF Vocabularies *using Apache*.

The "Web of Linked Data" is simply not about Apache, and I believe you 
all know that. Thus, what's the value in producing collateral that - by 
title and abstract -- implies inextricable binding of the Web and Apache.

Lets make things clearer, the clearer things are the better for the "Web 
of Linked Data" or "Linked Data Web" as a whole.

> Juan Sequeda wrote:
>> Hi Bill,
>> Is your code to do the content negotation in RoR available somewhere?
>> I'm trying to come up with example code to put up (sometime soon) on 
>> the <> site.
>> Juan Sequeda, Ph.D Student
>> Dept. of Computer Sciences
>> The University of Texas at Austin
>> <>
>> <>
>> On Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 8:19 PM, Bill Roberts < 
>> <>> wrote:
>>     I thought I'd give the .htaccess approach a try, to see what's
>>     involved in actually setting it up.  I'm no expert on Apache, but
>>     I know the basics of how it works, I've got full access to a web
>>     server and I can read the online Apache documentation as well as
>>     the next person.
>>     So... after an hour or so of messing around, I still couldn't get
>>     Apache based linked data content negotiation to work properly.
>>      (Something to do with turning off MultiViews which in turn meant
>>     fiddling with AllowOverride).  I had more pressing things to do so
>>     I gave up.
>>     Anyway, I conclude that I agree with Martin that this is not in
>>     general an easy way to set up content negotiation!  And I had full
>>     access to all the Apache conf files - without that I wouldn't have
>>     got anywhere.  In contrast, last year I wrote some code to do
>>     linked data content negotiation in a Ruby on Rails app, which was
>>     pretty easy.
>>     Regards
>>     Bill



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