Re: tutorial on Music and the Web of Data

Kurt J wrote:
> Thanks Kingsley!
>> Note, I really think we need to do away with the "Web of Data" moniker.
>> We've had Data on the Web since inception, so we can't use what has
>> always existed as the basis for introducing something new :-)
> This is a good point and you are right.  I went with "Web of Data"
> instead of "Semantic Web" b/c there seems to be some stigma around
> this term.  I just sort of missed using "Linked Data" in the title,
> not sure why.
> Let me verify w/ my co-conspirators, but i think "Linked Data about
> Music" might be a nice title for this endeavor.
> -Kurt J
"Linked Music Data" or "Linked Open Music Data", either provides a clear 
moniker for a music oriented Linked Data Space on the Web :-)



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