Re: Species Concept Mapping RDF fixes and question, should the species be represented as a class? Class SpeciesConcept => Class Species Cougar

On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 8:40 PM, Peter DeVries <> wrote:
> Hi LOD'ers,
> I was thinking that the species itself should be a class so that individuals
> of that species would be instances of that class.
> Probably another skos:Concept class.
> So an individual species concept class like that for the Cougar would be an
> instance of a skos:Concept (SpeciesConcept) class and also be a skos:Concept
> class (Cougar) of it's own.
> Individual animals would be instances of the skos:Concept class (Cougar).

Umm, if every species concept is a class, about how many classes, in
your estimate,  would there be in a comprehensive ontology?


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