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Hi Nathan,

> q: how to deal with these images in rdf terms..?

Your problem is that there are actually many vocabularies that can be 
used to describe the properties of an image or a video.
I suggest you have a look at the W3C Media Annotations WG [1] which has 
released already a Media Ontology that consist of a set of mappings 
between numerous multimedia metadata formats such as XMP, EXIF, ID3, 
RSSMedia, EBUCore, etc.

> where I'm running short is how to express height/width and it there are
> any other ontologies with a class of Image and related properties for
> width/height etc. kinda like mrss i guess.

Among the candidates properties:
   ebucore:formatHeight which is mapped with ma:width
   ebucore:formatWidth which is mapped with ma:height
See also:
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