Re: Drilling into the LOD Cloud

This is definitely too late, but still..

Have you seen 's visualizations?

On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 6:43 AM, Ed Summers <> wrote:
> I am doing a presentation (tomorrow) on at DC2008, and of
> course (hat tip to PaulMiller) I'm using the LOD Cloud to illustrate
> how you all actually putting RDF to work.
> While the LOD Cloud is great for visualizing the different data sets
> that are getting linked together, I was wondering if anyone happens to
> have some visualizations of the type of links that exist between
> resources in the LOD Cloud.
> I guess what I'm thinking of is the usual graph illustration with
> nodes, arcs, etc -- with resource URIs that live in different
> namespaces: geonames, dbpedia, etc ... I'd like to illustrate the
> importance of those linking assertions.
> If you have something handy, I'd love to use it, and spend more time
> drinking beer here in Berlin :-)
> //Ed

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