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> Damian Steer wrote:
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>> [sorry, forgot to reply-all]
>> Peter Ansell wrote:
>> | That is fine for classes, but how do you map individuals without
>> metadata side-effects?
>> Looking at my previous answer again I think I should take another run at
>> this  :-)
>> One way of thinking about equivalence is in terms of substitution: if :x
>> :equiv :y when is it safe to substitute :x with :y?
>> The default is: it's not safe (obviously).
>> :x equivalentClass :y -> safe when used as a class (e.g. rdf:type :x)
>> :x sameAs :y -> always safe (watch out!)
>> :x sameConceptAs :y -> safe in subject positions
> do you mean subject in the 'topic, dc:subject' sense, rather than
> subject/predicate/object sense? On first reading I thought you meant the
> latter, which would be problematic since any inverse of property can flip
> values into 'object' role. So assuming the former, I quite agree.
> Also thanks for expanding on what I meant. I was indeed picking a strong
> example to emphasise my (under articulated) case. Using an owl:sameAs claim
> between independently developed classes and properties is almost always
> misleading, confusing and untrue. So yup I agree that application-specific
> properties such as these are often more useful.
> Also btw folks there is no such thing as dc:author. It was changed in the
> mid-late 1990s to be dc:creator, so as to better cover non-written creations
> such as images, museum artifacts etc. So best to avoid/fix it in mail
> threads before 'dc:author' ends up getting mentioned in books etc.

Made a quick search and I don't use author anywhere in my codebase ( I
use creator ).
But for some reason it is still sticking in my mind ( band, music, author )
If it shows up in a book I'll feel really guilty, as the material
"author" of that crime

( or should I say creator )...

This brings up another point ( re. retroactive edition ). Why haven't
we found a replacement for mailing lists?
Dog fooding anyone?
( rhetoric question perhaps. don't reply on this thread or it will go
seriously off topic ).


> cheers,
> Dan
>> :x sameWorkAs :y -> safe for author, creation date
>> :x sameManifestationAs :y -> safe for the the above, and length (?)
>> Does that help?
>> Damian
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