Re: Querying dbpedia from the command line?

Richard Cyganiak wrote:
> 1. SPARQL is great, but too verbose for the command line. 

I don't worry about this much, because I'm not interested in using it 
from the command line per se as much as the ability to use a script to 
retrieve data from a SPARQL endpoint, and doing it from the command line 
is the first step toward that. Doing it from a python/perl/etc. script 
and loading it into data structures from these languages is the next 
step I want to pursue.

> 3. We are all waiting for SPARQL processors that federate multiple 
> SPARQL endpoints transparently into a single endpoint. Progress is being 
> made in this area, but it's slow. Meanwhile, there is a very nice 80/20 
> solution to this problem: Andy Seaborne has implemented a SERVICE 
> keyword for his extended variant of SPARQL, which allows you to address 
> parts of a SPARQL query to a specific endpoint. This seems like an easy 
> win for data integration demos.

Definitely, and to help the concept of Linked Data live up to its name. 
I had been planning a blog post titled "Linking Linked Data" but wasn't 
sure how I was going to go about it. I look forward to playing with the 
SERVICE keyword.


Received on Thursday, 18 September 2008 16:27:53 UTC